A Naural Bed

We’ve been working on ‘greening’ up our house for the last three or four years and we’ve done a lot. We’ve eliminated all household chemicals and most commercially made products. We use naturally made products for dishes, laundry and toiletries. I make a lot of those things myself, too.

However, this year I’ve been trying to turn my focus to something bigger: the textiles in our home. Clothes. Furniture. Bedding. Mattresses. When Bunkers was a newborn we bought him a natural mattress made locally with latex, wool and organic cotton. I felt really good about that, but he never slept in it. I knew we would co-sleep (and that has been a really good decision), but I wanted that extra room. We used the side-car method and had the crib right next to our bed. Bunkers still hasn’t ever slept IN it, but having that mattress there so that neither of us are sleeping on the edge of the bed has been nice. We recently moved our mattresses to the floor as Bunkers became mobile.

Anyway, in the last month I’ve been trying to tackle our bed as a whole and making it as clean as I can. We bought some organic cotton sheets from Target. I doubt they are the ‘best’ but the say organic cotton and for now I will believe that. I also bought two organic cotton and wool pillows for DH and I. They are taking some getting used to, but I feel good about them. We’re not sleeping on polyester fiberfill anymore!

And the biggest thing for us is our mattress (of course). We just ordered a new mattress from the same local woman who made Bunkers’ crib mattress. It’s made of the same things: natural latex, eco wool and organic cotton. I’m so excited to get it! It will be delivered this week. As it is we’ve been sleeping on a foam Ikea mattress… I’m not sure it can get much worse! Luckily it’s about… five years old, I think, so it had time to off-gas before Bunkers came along.

I have also started phasing out our fleece and polyster blankets. I recently got two vintage 100% wool blankets (Goodwill and Etsy) and I have a small collection of 100% cotton quilts (Goodwill, Target). I plan to add one more wool blanket so that we all three have one for sleeping (once Bunkers moves to his own bed). I think I will be saving the fleece for emergency kits for the car.

Another area we have had to consider this year is furniture. We have an Ikea couch that we bought when we moved into our house before I was even pregnant. It is a ‘hide-a-bed’ of sorts and that’s where we’ve had guests stay over. However, up until recently, it was in our main living room. The few times we had guests stay over it was awkward having their ‘bed’ in our living room. We decided to move that couch downstairs so that there was a more dedicated ‘guest area’. For a few weeks we didn’t have a couch in the living room – just one chair. It was nice! There was so much room to play! However, for Bunkers’ birthday we had family staying with us and we really just needed some more seating.

I really didn’t want to buy something new from Ikea. I knew it would be full of foam and chemicals. We opted to buy a used futon on Craigslist and I’m so glad we did! It has a nice solid wood frame and the futon cushion is soooo comfortable. I’ve already taken a few naps on it. The bonus is that it was only $100! And we didn’t have to buy new.

As well, I’ve been making a point to stay conscious with our clothing, too. If we need something, I check Goodwill and consignment shops first. If I can’t find it or it needs to be new, I try to get it as natural/organic as I can. Especially for Bunkers. There are quite a few brands or websites that have organic clothes. Abe’s Natural Market is a great place to start. Amazon has a meager selection, as well.

Is this something that’s important to you, too?


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