Progress and Plans

I’ve been working on my Stitch Along with Ginny’s group and I’m really loving it! I have been (carefully) doing it in the car (while my husband is driving!!) and while the baby naps. It’s slow progress, but I’m catching up! I have not given myself a timeline like ‘do one letter every other day’ or anything, because then it starts to feel like a chore… and my mind is very fickle about that stuff! So, I’ve just been doing it as I can, when I can and it’s coming along. The hoop in the below picture is covering the cute tea pot… I love that little one. So cute.

I also have on my plate today doing some canning! I’m new to canning. I’ve only canned twice in my life. I canned orange marmelade (flop) and honey cranberries (success) two Christmases ago. I bought a bunch of apples, so it’s my plan to do some applesauce. Bunkers likes apples, but still has a hard time eating them ‘Baby Led Weaning’ style, so I’m fine with him having a puree in this area. Plus, I think it will be a nice way to get his supplements in! Just a few drops on a spoonful of applesauce should help them go down easy!

I also hope to have a pinch of time this evening to do a bit of Etsy work. My shop has been awfully neglected, so I’m planning to do a few new postings and make up a few items. I need to do a bit of an overhaul as far as my branding/image goes. I don’t have the time or energy for that right now! I did just make a bit of an impulse purchase, though… I bought 3 dozen wood and sasil rope doll basis to make some Waldorf style gnomes, fairies and dolls. Hope DH doesn’t roll his eyes at me!

Warm blessings,


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