Yarn Along

Better late than never! Just sneaking in late Wednesday night…


I’m joining Ginny again this week for Yarn Along. Here’s what I’m currently working on in the fiber arts world, and what I’m currently reading:

Still working on my Stitch Along with Ginny’s group! I love the little pictures. So fun how it all comes together.

I’ve also cast on a new item for my shop (if you can call it that! Half cast on! Haha. The toddler wasn’t very interested in me knitting today!) – winter time headbands/earmuffs. I hope to churn out several this week to get them posted before gift giving season.

I have far too many books on my plate currently. I put down The Limits of Enchantment in favor of knitting/cross stitching and haven’t picked it back up, but it is still on my ‘current’ shelf, so alas. I am also still reading the GAPS book as we started the Intro diet (again) this week. It’s going much better this time! But, today I’ve been thumbing through the two Waldorf Education books I got at the library. And eyeing up a cross stitch book I got there, too. Such gorgeous ideas!

Join up with us for the Yarn Along!




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