Canning in the Rain

The rains have arrived! We had a streak of  something like 80 days of no rain here in the Puget Sound. It’s been a nice, mild, dry, sunny summer! I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s fun to have it all of the sudden be fall outside.

I’ve been busy canning again this weekend. I canned pearsauce, more applesauce, blackberries and raspberries.

Here are the tutorials I followed:

Canning Apple or Pear Sauce by The Prairie Homestead

Photo credit:


Preserving Berries in Light Honey Sauce

Photo credit:

All told I now have:

9 half pints blackberries

3 half pints raspberries

3 pints honey pearsauce

11 half pints applesauce

5 pints applesauce

Plus some tomatoes and beans my grandma canned for me.

I still want to can:

more pearsauce (that was REALLY good!)

bell pepper and tomato salsa

more berries (though next time I’ll make them into a ‘jelly’ using honey instead of just suspending them in honey sauce)

Are you canning anything right now?




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