Choosing a Greener Holiday

As part of my little family’s efforts at being more ‘green’, environmentally friendly, family safe and wasting less, we’ve decided to use reusable holiday gift bags.

Not only are they cute and functional, but they are a one time investment that you can use every year. I haven’t had the time to sew up enough that we can give these bags away outside of our immediate family, but I hope to move toward that one year. For now, we use them for gifts for the three of us, or my parents. That way I know that we’ll see them again next year and I won’t have to invest again in fabric and the time it takes to sew them.

For gifts for people outside of my immediate family I like to use brown paper bags! I punch a few holes in the top, tie a ribbon and then decorate the front – either by printing an image or picture, drawing something, or gluing on a cut out from an old greeting/holiday card or whatnot.

I just spent some time this week sewing bags for my Etsy shop. There are currently nearly 20 bags available in various patterns and prints. Check them out!

Are you choosing to be more environmentally conscious this holiday season?


5 thoughts on “Choosing a Greener Holiday

  1. I love this idea. We use fabric from old t-shirts and such as wrapping paper and secure it with ribbons for immediate family. We use flat cloth diapers to wrap baby shower gifts. Sometimes we use the kids’ new clothes to wrap their fun gifts.

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