Lazy Friday

Bunkers slept in until 10:15 this morning, so we had a lazy, slow Friday. We had breakfast about 10:30 and then left for our weekly Friday HappyNest play about noon. We left earlier than normal because Bunkers was getting fussy and ready for a nap. Once we arrived, he slept in the car and I worked on my cross stitch.

Bunkers loves playing at HappyNest!

He slept on the way home, too, and then we had dinner. DH’s business partner is over this evening for some relaxing Friday chat.

Lovely start to the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Lazy Friday

      • He’s also very smart! No matter if I put my older daughter to sleep at 7 or 10, she still wakes up at some crazy stupid hour, like 4:30 or 5 (it’s summer here in Australia,,, but still!). If I put her to bed too late, she’s soooo grumpy the next today but still wakes up at the crack of dawn! Enjoy your sleep ins 🙂

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