Change is in the Air

I’m not overly into politics, but I was on the edge of my seat last night watching the election unfold. It was just this great unknown that was going to impact our entire country and likely much of the world, I couldn’t not be held under its spell. Did you watch election night coverage?

I won’t get into it much, because I don’t have much passion or interest in big government, but I will say that in my state (WA) our Ref 74 allowing for gay marriage passed and I’m so happy about that! Everyone can get married in Washington and enjoy the freedoms that married couples have. What a wonderful thing!

This year I felt like fall came on so quick. We had a long end to the summer, and then fall happened overnight! But it seems to be dragging out the end before winter arrives. I can feel it, though. Change is in the air. The nights are getting colder. The blankets and quilts are coming out of the cedar chest. The furnace is running more consistently. Our GAPS soup is tasting even better on the cold mornings. I just love this time of year!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (two weeks away!) and then we will be in the midst of holiday season. I really want a down played holiday this year. No big extravagant gifts. No big parties. Just a cozy holiday at home.

I’ve been doing a lot of Waldorf reading lately because Bunkers and I are starting a parent and child class at the local Waldorf school in January. I always knew I liked Waldorf education (‘always’ is in since I first heard about it!), but in reading more about it I just love it! I’m especially really into the ‘rhythm of the home’ and keeping yourself really immersed in the seasons and celebrations of the year. I was so into that as a child, and as I became an adult the ‘rat race’ and day-to-day life of an adult really brought me away from that. I’m excited to get back into it and have many meaningful celebrations throughout the year surrounding the seasons and our family life. I am really looking forward to starting the class so that I can get some first hand experience at incorporating these things. You can only read so much in a book!

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