Just Around the Corner

We’re just around the corner from another new year! I can hardly believe it. I feel like the years just go by faster and faster the older I get!

I’ve been a busy bee this last month. Lots of making happening in my craft room! Mostly for my Etsy shop. I’ve had quite a few orders in the last few weeks! It’s very exciting. I’ve got a whole lot of new items to post this weekend. I don’t have enough daylight hours after B is home to take pictures, so although I have some items ready to post I don’t have any pictures! I’ll get it all done this weekend, though.

I will have plenty of new wool baby pants and hats to post, as well as more holiday gift bags. I’m also working on some needle felting crafts and may get one posted this weekend, too!

Next weekend we will be leaving for Oregon for a couple days to celebrate Christmas with family. We’re planning to celebrate Yule here at home on Friday and open our gifts then seems how we’ll be gone for Christmas. I like the idea of celebrating Yule, too! It’s very wintery.

If any of my readers are Mothering.com members… could you do me a favor? I’ve entered the Mothering.com holiday craft contest and I’d really appreciate your votes! The winner will get a $100 gift card to Nature’s Fabrics! How perfect is that? I’ve been really wanting to get more organic cotton into my work. You can find the contest here: MDC Annual Handmade Gift Ideas. My posts are numbers 6 and 15 (baby pants and gluten free cleansing grains). Just click the thumb’s up at the bottom of my post and hit ‘add to reputation’. Thank you!!

How about you? Any crafting going on?



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