Still Stitchin’

No, I’m not done with my Winterwood Sampler, yet! Yes, I’m still working on it! You can check out the Flickr group and see who’s done. I hope to have it done by the New Year. We have a trip to Oregon coming up, so that will be lots of car time to work on it. I think I am going to knit something on that road trip, too! I haven’t decided what just yet.

Yule/Winter Solstice is tomorrow! We are opening gifts tomorrow instead of Christmas since we will be out of town. I am excited! I can’t wait for Bunkers to see his new toys.

I worked on a few handmade gifts for Bunkers (these are the only gifts from us to him because the grandparents have been very gracious and I don’t want to fill our living room with too many toys!). I made him a set of playsilks and a small Waldorf inspired wool bunting baby. They both turned out really well! I already gave them to him. When he saw the doll he proclaimed, “Baby!” without any prompting! Cute cute.

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