Home Renovations Part 1!


We started our home renovations! We’ve had ideas bouncing around in our heads since we moved into our house (summer 2010), but haven’t really had the money to work on it. But we decided to get started now so that we can enjoy the renovations for a year or two before we move into more of our dream house (and dream area – closer to B’s work and with a few acres or more of land).

We started in our master bath. Now, we had already painted this bathroom. We did an ‘India’ theme in our bedroom and bathroom. But, we did that painting when I was just newly pregnant (started it before I even knew I was pregnant) and by the end I was having such awful morning sickness that the colors just made me sick to even look at them. And anything ‘India’ made me nauseous. STILL DOES. It’s sad. I *love* India and their colors and patterns and food… but it still makes me sick. I hope I get over that!

Anyway – so we had some serious green to cover up. We chose a more muted light, light green for the bathroom. It’s not a very bright room, so we needed to stay with a light color.

We ripped out the vanity, mirror and toilet. And pulled up the floors. We primed the walls, door and door frame. We patched some holes. Today we will hopefully finish! We will paint, lay floor, install the new vanity, mirror, shelf and toilet. I can’t wait! It’s going to be so clean and pretty.



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