Filtering Water for Drinking

berkeyAfter watching Fluoridegate (watch it here), we decided it was high time to get a water filter to remove fluoride from our (city, tap) water. We had been using a Brita pitcher for about two years, but Brita does not remove fluoride, and does not remove as much as a compact charcoal filter.

I read this post by Wellness Mama and ordered a Berkey filter. We contemplated reverse osmosis filters for the whole house, but I just wasn’t comfortable with the upfront cost as well as the sheer amount of water waste. Water is expensive! So, we opted for the Berkey filter WITH the fluoride removal filters.

So, how is it?!

We’ve had our filter about a month, now, and I just spent about a half hour disassembling, washing, and reassembling it and thought I’d put a post together and sing its praises. We love our Berkey! We wanted to buy one last year, but I read a lot of discouraging reviews on Amazon and so we put it off. I’m so glad we bit the bullet, though, and invested in this wonderful filter.

We bought the Royal Berkey, and I think it’s the perfect size for us. The Big Berkey would have probably worked just fine, but the company we purchased ours from was out of the Big Berkey, so they had their Royal on sale with free shipping.

Some of the Amazon reviews that dissuaded me said that the Berkey required a lot of washing or it would get stinky or grimey. I was really worried about that. I just don’t have the time or motivation to clean something daily or every other day. However, the instructions that came with the Berkey stated it only needed hand-washing with mild soap and warm water once a month. I just finished cleaning ours and it wasn’t smelly at all and there was just a small amount of mineral build-up. But, we have hard water. I was pleased!

Our water has been so nice and fresh tasting, too. Some of the Amazon reviews mentioned that the fluoride filters add a bitter taste to the water, but I haven’t tasted that at all. There are some pretty detailed instructions for setting up and priming the filters before use, so I wonder if those people who had the bitter taste didn’t properly prepare their filters? Or just skipped it all together?

At any rate, we are extremely happy with our Berkey filter and we have been very pleased with the water we’re drinking. It’s a great investment and we will use it for a long time!



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