Water Kefir


I’ve since learned that water kefir is an anaerobic ferment and should have an air tight lid, not cheesecloth! Just FYI! 😉

I started making water kefir this last week and we are really enjoying it!

I got some water kefir grains from a friend in my AP mama group. I was SO excited. And that’s an understatement.

I watched a ton of YouTube videos on water kefir making, I read several blog posts and websites on it and bought all my ingredients. It requires sugar, and we didn’t have any in the house! We don’t use sugar in cooking, but you can’t use honey in kefir making. I bought organic light brown sugar and organic rapadura. I also bought un-sulfured black strap molasses.


If you’re interested in making water kefir, here are some resources I found helpful:

Dom’s Kefir In-Site

Green Mom Zoe’s Water Kefir Tutorial (includes two video tutorials)


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