Park Play







We’ve traded in Story Times for Park Plays. Not only because the weather is (slowly) getting better, but because Bunkers just really enjoys it much more. He’s not a baby anymore (small sniff) and he wants to check everything out! Story Times were just getting… well, boring! He was more interested in checking out the stacks of chairs or folding tables than participating in puppet shows and stories. Add to that he’s been going to bed a bit later and waking up around the time story time is OVER. Haha.

So we’ve been playing outside in our backyard every day and several times a week we venture out to a park. Bunkers has been a bit iffy on getting into the car (sometimes he’s fine and it’s no big deal, other times he just screams bloody murder and does the ‘stiff as a board’ maneuver and makes it impossible to strap him in. Those days we stay home!) so it’s not always a ‘scheduled’ thing – it just happens if it happens. Today was one of those days where it HAPPENED! And we were both glad. We played at the park for about two and a half hours and it was a fun, if wet, time!

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