Baby Popsicle and Slow Growin’








It was 70 degrees today! A real scorcher. It has been about 10 degrees below average and wet this spring, so the last few days have been SO welcome! We even shared a baby popsicle today. I made them by blending a banana, frozen strawberries and coconut milk in the food processor until smooth-ish and poured them into these little toddler sized popsicle moulds. I bought the mould last year but Bunkers was supremely put off by how cold they were, but today he really liked it! It was nice and messy, too!

Since it has been so cold, all of our sprouts are growing very slowly! And the poor pretty flowers I put together a few weeks ago are looking quite sad… we’ve had a half dozen days in the last few weeks where it hailed and just downpoured and they took a bit of a beating. I should have put them under cover… but most of hail happened at night and I couldn’t get up. I hope they recover!

The sprouts are very slow growing. I’m hopeful they will pick up after this week of sun. It’s supposed to be cold and rainy again this weekend, though! I hope more consistent sun is on it’s way!

Also, I dyed my hair with henna (three times!) this week (and I got a trim – my first haircut in 14 months! And only my second since Bunkers was born!) and I love the final color! It’s quite close to my natural color so it goes nicely with my skintone and maybe I can refrain from dying it for a bit… I like to change it up! 😉



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