Beautiful Moments

Rockin' out at Whole Foods!

Rockin’ out at Whole Foods!













The other day, Bunkers and I went to the store and got fixings for a picnic. We picked DH up from work, sat in traffic for an hour and finally landed at the most wonderful park and had our picnic dinner. We’ve been to this park before, but Bunkers wasn’t even crawling at that point, so we hadn’t checked it out much. It’s so wonderful!

We set out our picnic and had a fun lunch. We don’t normally have things like chips (in fact, I’m not sure Bunkers had ever had chips before then!) so it was a fun treat. He liked them. And the strawberries, of course. We washed it down with kefir and made some sandwiches with spelt bread. We don’t normally have bread, either, but I really wanted sandwiches for our picnic. Bunkers didn’t really like it; he just ate the cheese and meat.

After dinner we wandered over and checked out the ducks on the small lake. They were happy to have a few slices of our bread! Bunkers just loved tossing them pieces. There were some really pretty ducks!

Once we were out of bread to toss we packed up the picnic. I took the stuff back to the car and DH and Bunkers walked around the lake. We met back up and the three of us held hands and hiked along the forest trails around the park. It was so peaceful and refreshing. It felt SO good. Such a recharge. I made the comment that it was moments like these that made the troubles of his first year feel worth it. I feel like those moments are coming so much more often, now.

Bunkers found a nice stick and was having a blast whacking unsuspecting ferns and leaves.

We stayed almost two hours soaking up the sun and enjoying being outside together. I’d like to make this a weekly tradition (at least)!


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