Toddler Hike

There’s a trail head near our house that is the start of a handful of trails. One is a loop of about 3 miles, one is 5 miles in and 5 miles back. One is even longer. But one off to the side is geared towards little ones and is about 1/3 of a mile in total. It has some signs that tell a story about the wildlife in the forest and is a completely flat jaunt through the woods. We walked this path (two loops!) with the little one recently and it was so nice. R walked most of it and then when he was tired asked to be carried. I think we will do this loop again some time.

WP_20130428_001 WP_20130428_014 WP_20130428_016 WP_20130428_003 WP_20130428_009 WP_20130428_006 WP_20130428_019 WP_20130428_022 WP_20130428_023 WP_20130428_005 WP_20130428_033 and we had a lovely time!

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