Five Months

I can hardly believe it has been five months since I’ve posted here!

I feel like so much has happened in those five months! Where do I begin?

We redid our kitchen! That was exciting! I’ll make a post with pictures in the future.

We laid a bunch of hardwood upstairs! That was also exciting!

We got most of the painting and trim work done upstairs! Also exciting!

We sold our tent trailer. Partially sad, but nice to have the money for our remodel.


WP_20130723_022We went camping twice (in a tent!) and it was lots of fun. Β After having a tent trailer for a summer (last summer) and camping half a dozen times in it, I can honestly say that I enjoy tent camping much more. As long as you’re not in the rain. But, then I’m not a super fan of camping in pouring rain!



Eco-friendly baby with his reusable shopping bag! And a haircut πŸ˜‰

R has been a non-stop talking toddler! We counted out how many words he knows and it’s close to 300. But, probably more. He’s like a little sponge, this one. He picks up so much. He can count to ten, too. Like, whaaa? He’s been doing that about two months, now. I didn’t know 21 month olds knew how to count?! Amazing. He knows a whole host of shapes and colors, too. All this and I haven’t actively taught him a thing. I think he’s just a natural born learner!

It is me and B’s 5th wedding anniversary this week! I can hardly believe it’s been that long. The time just FLIES. Every year I get older, the years just sail on by that much faster. It’s almost fall already!

R will be 2 next month and B’s parents are flying in from Wisconsin to celebrate with us! I am so excited! R is going to LOOOOVE having them here even more than he has in the past! He spoke to his Wisconsin grandma on Skype just this afternoon. He was showing her all kinds of things all over the house. It was too cute.

We are flying to Wisconsin for Christmas this year. I’m both excited and nervous. I’m quite terrified of flying with a toddler! Pre-baby, I was that person on the plane (not so kindly) asking the poor exasperated parent to make their kid quit kicking me in the back of seat and rolling my eyes and getting huffy when a baby was crying. Ooops. I know how they feel, now, and I just don’t want to be ‘that parent’. Our garden is doing quite well!




Caesar Salad! YUM! Garden fresh romaine and home-made dressing!

In garden news, we’ve had LOTS of zucchini to eat, which has been fabulous. Plenty of romaine, some kale, and a bit of broccoli. Our squash seems to be coming right along (and climbing right OUT of their beds! We packed them in there too tightly!) and the tomatoes are even doing well enough! The one plant I bought from the farmer’s market is doing the best, but there are four that I started from seed that are doing decent! We may even get a ripe fruit off of one! We’ll see.


I’ve started canning again for the season! I’ve got… 4 half pints raspberry jam, 4 half pints vanilla blueberry jam, 12 4 oz jars of low seed raspberry jam and 10 4 oz jars of cardamom blueberry jam. The cardamom blueberry jam is DIVINE!! I may do a post on that… I made up the recipe myself. πŸ™‚

I think that’s mostly all we’ve got going on here. I will try to post more often! I get so very little free time and when I do have it I need to do chores! Ha.


4 thoughts on “Five Months

  1. Wht a busy summer!

    I think all babies and kids are natural born learners, but mine certainly isn’t counting. He goes, “Two two two two two two two nine.”

  2. dianna hobbie says:

    I love reading your In the Pine. You are a inspiration to me. Rhyko called me dinna Hobbie last week and I loved it. You are definitely a busy Lady.

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