Goodwill Scores!

When I was a kid my mom shopped at Goodwill on occasion. She probably would have gone more often if I had let her. But, nooOOoo… I wasn’t going to wear ANYTHING from Goodwill! I would only wear NEW clothes and  they had to be well known brands. I was a brat, I freely admit that, now!

Anyone who knows me NOW would laugh. I shop at Goodwill sometimes as much as twice or three times a week, now! I LOVE Goodwill! I get awesome deals on my and Bunkers’ clothes. I get quality wooden toys, canning jars, cast iron, wool blankets, and shoes there. Sometimes brand new!

My local Goodwill is just amazing. Super high quality items and amazing prices. Sometimes Goodwill can get a bit expensive ($30 for jeans?! I’ve seen it!) but my Goodwill isn’t over the top.

Now, I do make a point to live a more minimalist lifestyle – although I am really not even close to what one would consider a minimalist. Far from it – but in the last 18 months we’ve purged from our house a lot of stuff. We weren’t hoarders before, but we had a surpluss of extra ‘stuff’. We are still working on it, but we have a lot less ‘stuff’ and more useful, quality items we use often.

So I thought I’d share some of my recent Goodwill scores here!

I have been on the look out for a new coat for myself for this winter and I found one this week! It’s pure wool and the lining is silk. Fancy! It was marked $5.99, but it was half off (thanks to the color sales)! Behold, my $3 fabulous wool peacoat!


I also found some water shoes for Bunkers for next year. $2. New condition!


I found a lovely sheepskin for $7! These are usually much, much more and it’s even stamped with a local farm/company on the back. Amazing!


I also found this lovely piece of wood art… How beautiful, yes? It’s so touching, I think. Perfect for a nursery. It just needs a little sanding and refinishing (oiling) and then it will be gorgeous! I would love to keep it, but I may just gift it to someone. This was also $2!


Have you had any awesome Goodwill finds, lately?

8 thoughts on “Goodwill Scores!

  1. I am a big fan of thrift store shopping and I’m lucky to have an amazing store near me. Although, I haven’t yet found a $7 sheepskin! That is an amazing find!

  2. dianna hobbie says:

    Yes, I too go to goodwill. I furnished my mom living room 2 yrs. ago and i see stuff occassionaly buy or want to buy. I love that coat, i’ll have to look for one.

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