DIY Waldorf Doll

Earlier this year I bought a few of these cute blank wood posable dolls with the intention of making a whole slew of them into Waldorf dolls – gnomes, mainly. However, as with most some of my projects, they got put on the back burner in favor of other things. I did make two ‘prototypes’ for R to play with, but I didn’t get any further than that. I really wanted to get some quality materials (pure wool felt, for example. I used craft store felt) for the dolls I wanted to sell, but it just never happened. So, today I thought I’d make a listing for the blank dolls! Why not let someone else make a doll to their liking? It really isn’t hard, and you can use just able anything to do it. Scrap fabric from old clothes or linens would work great. Some yarn for hair. A glue gun to hold it all together. Perfect!

You can see the listing here: Blank Posable Wood Doll


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