We had been having a lovely fall. We wrapped up Summer with R’s 2nd birthday. Grandma and Grandpa from WI flew in and stayed a week and we went to the zoo to celebrate. Lots of fun!

It hasn’t been very rainy here lately, but we’ve been trying to get out to the park rain or shine. R has a nice raincoat to keep him dry and some rainboots so he can stomp around the puddles.

WP_20130925_003 WP_20130925_006 WP_20130925_020

We have harvested the most of what’s left in our garden. R was very happy about the Cosmic Purple carrots! He really likes them. 

WP_20130925_032 WP_20130925_033

We painted our house last month. It was dark brown before and the Realtor we are working with suggest we paint it before we sell. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s a greenish color with gray trim. White door and white (new) garage door.


I’ve also been working on lots of homemade herbal medicine to keep us healthy this winter. I always have Elderberry Syrup on hand, but I also made several tinctures. I have a few more things tincturing right now that I will be bottling up in a few weeks. So much cheaper than buying 1 ounce bottles of things from Whole Foods. I made some Fire Cider last month so it will be ready soon, too. I have high hopes for it! Here’s a link to my Herbal pinterest board: Herbal Medicine and Remedies



One thought on “Autumn

  1. dianna hobbie says:

    Hi, as usual enjoy your newsy Letter. Your mom brought us some of your Clam Chowder. It was Delicious. You are a great cook. Love you three. Love your pictures , Give Rhyko a hug from Jim and Diana Hobbie.

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