Home Renovations: Kitchen Remodel Ikea Style

We’ve had the kitchen nearly done for about six months, now, but I haven’t gotten around to writing up a before and after post until now.

Here’s the kitchen before (these were real estate pictures – I don’t have a TV in the kitchen! πŸ˜‰ :



Take note of 70s orange floor…


And that’s really it. The kitchen is square with the doorway directly across from the oven (the photographer was standing in the doorway in the last photo). There was nothing in the opposite corner when we moved in. It was an ‘eat in kitchen’ for a tiny table, I guess. I put a cutting counter there and shelves.

Anyway, we really thought it over and opted for a whole remodel. At first I thought maybe we could just paint the cabinets, but after pricing everything out an Ikea kitchen wasn’t going to cost us a whole lot but would make the kitchen really pop.

We used the Ikea kitchen planner tool for several weeks before deciding on what to do with our kitchen, and in the end we pretty much kept the floorplan exactly the same to make it easy on us and so that we wouldn’t have to hire anyone to move plumbing or electrical.

We ordered all new appliances and those were delivered a few weeks before we actually started the demo. Everything came out. Floors ripped up and we painted the walls.



New flooring almost complete.


Hanging Ikea cabinets. This was all SUPER easy.


Installing butcher block counters. Also super easy.


Cabinets in place, ready for doors, drawers and fronts.




I love the open shelves by the window and the cubbies by the wall. My favorite cookbooks fit nicely there.


Neat corner cabinet…


So much brighter!


At this point we hadn’t put in the cabinet that goes next to the oven.


I love this sink!


Backsplash tile we chose.


Backsplash installed!

I really should put a better after picture in the daylight. I will update this space once we grout the backsplash. That’s really all we have left to do in the kitchen. I’ll also take a picture of my work space in the opposite corner.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with this Ikea kitchen! It was inexpensive, easy to plan, easy to buy, easy to put together and easy to install. I think the finished product looks lovely and I think the money we put into this kitchen will be returned to us when we sell.


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