2016\2017 – Years in Review

It’s been a two year journey that I wish I could have been sharing here – but it wasn’t something I could find enough free time for to make a priority. Unfortunately! Because I’ve always really enjoyed blogging and sharing my passions with others.

But as 2018 really gets underway and big shifts are currently taking place in our lives, I’m hoping that we will have the opportunity to share more of the next adventure in our playbook. It’s going to be a wild and fun one. ✨🗝️

As you all know, in 2016 I had a baby! At home! And I ate my placenta 🙂

We traveled a bit that year – to Hawaii and Disneyland. Lots of joy was had on both!

In 2017 we really worked hard around the house and homestead. WE GOT CHICKENS! And put a lot of our time and energy into building them a coop and chicken yard. We only traveled once (a cruise) and it was rough and not as enjoyable as we would have liked. It set off a few months of shadow work, but we made it out the other side.

I also started hosting monthly women’s circles in fall of 2017: Sacred Sunday Sisterhood. It’s been a beautiful blossoming and the community has grown to such a fabulous group of women supporting women.

This year has been all about finding our freedom, sovereignty and passion. We left the corporate world to focus full time on our little homestead and family. We sold a rental property we owned and are funding our dreams this way!

I’m now pursuing a long held dream: to become a full time potter! I have so much more to say about this and I will – but for now you can follow along here: @misty.mountain.pottess

This is a short and mostly pictureless post, so I do apologize, but BIG THINGS BE A COMING, FRIENDS! More soooooon!!