This blog tells the story of one couple’s journey into parenthood and natural living.

I am Christina and he is B.

Together we created a bean named Bunkers (*not his real name!) who was born in the autumn of 2011. We wanted a home birth, but our baby decided otherwise and we had the whole preemie/NICU thing. If you need help with preemies, the NICU, pumping, etc… please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We also just had a beautiful baby girl at home! I posted my birth story here on the blog.

We live in the beautiful PNW in a gorgeous condo. We had hoped to be on acreage in the next few years building our homestead, but things seem to always be in flux and for now we are so happy in our condo saving money. We want to do some serious traveling before we settle into any other possible futures.

We are crunchie hippies and love it.

Food is SUPER important to us. We eat organic and grassfed/wild/pastured/etc.

I LOVE to craft. I: sew, knit, crochet, cross stitch, paint, draw, cook, write and blog.


Wedding day! 08/08/08


February 2011


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