DIY Waldorf Doll

Earlier this year I bought a few of these cute blank wood posable dolls with the intention of making a whole slew of them into Waldorf dolls – gnomes, mainly. However, as with most some of my projects, they got put on the back burner in favor of other things. I did make two ‘prototypes’ for R to play with, but I didn’t get any further than that. I really wanted to get some quality materials (pure wool felt, for example. I used craft store felt) for the dolls I wanted to sell, but it just never happened. So, today I thought I’d make a listing for the blank dolls! Why not let someone else make a doll to their liking? It really isn’t hard, and you can use just able anything to do it. Scrap fabric from old clothes or linens would work great. Some yarn for hair. A glue gun to hold it all together. Perfect!

You can see the listing here: Blank Posable Wood Doll


Yarn Along


I’m joining Ginny today for the first time in a while! I have finally had some more time to knit (and if I’m totally honest here that is thanks to my recent backing out of most social media) and so here I am with some projects to share!

I made a set of these baby booties earlier this year for another friend and has a request to a pair of them to be made for another friend’s baby… and then she found out she was having twins! So I’ve got two sets of these booties to make and I am also making a pair of hats to go with. This mama lives in Alaska, after all!

I sewed myself a new project bag, too. I have been using a smaller one for about two years, now, but I decided I needed a bigger bag for both sweater making and for projects like this – ones with many balls and pieces. Keep it all together! I followed this tutorial: Simple Drawstring Bag.

Notice baby 'Harry Potter' wand on the floor. Haha!
Notice baby ‘Harry Potter’ wand on the floor. Haha!
Drawstring function.
Drawstring function.
All inside!
All inside!

Yarn Along

Always sneaking in late…

Joining Ginny again this week for Yarn Along!

I didn’t met my goals from last week… but I did finish two projects!

yarn along 1-23I knit Bunkers a wool cowl and set of mittens. At our Waldorf school mornings they do out-side time no matter the weather, so I had to knit him some mittens. His hands are always very cold when we’re outside!

I didn’t follow a pattern for the cowl, I just knit away! And the mittens are very loosely derived from this pattern for 1 year old mittens.

I have shelved the newborn sweater for now. I have another friend in mind for that one. It was taking me a long time to knit it… and I’m not even half way done! I will keep knitting on it as I have time.

For this coming week I’d like to make another pair of the knitted booties from last week for yet another friend with a little one on the way. I’d also like to work on a sweater or vest for Bunkers.

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny at Small Things again this morning for Yarn Along!


Finished these baby booties! Few things: 1) I frogged the forest green yarn in favor of this sweet white/grey marl. It’s 100% wool, too, whereas the green was acrylic. One of the last balls of acrylic I have. Not sure what to do with it! I don’t want to use acrylic anymore. 2) I made a few small changes to this pattern and I noted those in my Ravelry Project Notes here. 3) I can’t wait to give them to my friend’s new little baby! (And I can’t wait to hold said baby!)

My goals for this coming week are to finish the newborn sweater (taking a lot longer than I thought) and/or knit a hat in the same wool as the booties. The longer I go before meeting this newborn the more items I will have knit for it! Ha!

Yarn Along


I am joining Ginny at Small Things again this week for Yarn Along!

I am finally doing some more knitting! I just seem to have so little baby-free time and so many things to do in that time that knitting just gets put on the back burner.

But, a friend of mine is having a baby any day, now, and I wanted to knit her a few things. I decided to just knit and I gave Bunkers a ball of scrap yarn and a huge crochet hook and he had fun playing with that while I got to knit a bit yesterday and today.

I am over half way done with these booties. I’m not sure what I think of them, yet, but we’ll see how they look completed.

I just started this sweet newborn sweater. The colors look better together than the image suggests… I promise!

It feels SO SO SO good to get some more knitting done. It’s such a wonderful relaxer.

Still Stitchin’

No, I’m not done with my Winterwood Sampler, yet! Yes, I’m still working on it! You can check out the Flickr group and see who’s done. I hope to have it done by the New Year. We have a trip to Oregon coming up, so that will be lots of car time to work on it. I think I am going to knit something on that road trip, too! I haven’t decided what just yet.

Yule/Winter Solstice is tomorrow! We are opening gifts tomorrow instead of Christmas since we will be out of town. I am excited! I can’t wait for Bunkers to see his new toys.

I worked on a few handmade gifts for Bunkers (these are the only gifts from us to him because the grandparents have been very gracious and I don’t want to fill our living room with too many toys!). I made him a set of playsilks and a small Waldorf inspired wool bunting baby. They both turned out really well! I already gave them to him. When he saw the doll he proclaimed, “Baby!” without any prompting! Cute cute.