Still Stitchin’

No, I’m not done with my Winterwood Sampler, yet! Yes, I’m still working on it! You can check out the Flickr group and see who’s done. I hope to have it done by the New Year. We have a trip to Oregon coming up, so that will be lots of car time to work on it. I think I am going to knit something on that road trip, too! I haven’t decided what just yet.

Yule/Winter Solstice is tomorrow! We are opening gifts tomorrow instead of Christmas since we will be out of town. I am excited! I can’t wait for Bunkers to see his new toys.

I worked on a few handmade gifts for Bunkers (these are the only gifts from us to him because the grandparents have been very gracious and I don’t want to fill our living room with too many toys!). I made him a set of playsilks and a small Waldorf inspired wool bunting baby. They both turned out really well! I already gave them to him. When he saw the doll he proclaimed, “Baby!” without any prompting! Cute cute.


Shop Updates

I spent some serious time this week working on shop items and I got many new items posted today!

Here are just a few peaks:


Lots of wool and cotton baby pants, and many. many fabric holiday gift bags. Be sure to place your order by December 19th for delivery before Christmas!

Just Around the Corner

We’re just around the corner from another new year! I can hardly believe it. I feel like the years just go by faster and faster the older I get!

I’ve been a busy bee this last month. Lots of making happening in my craft room! Mostly for my Etsy shop. I’ve had quite a few orders in the last few weeks! It’s very exciting. I’ve got a whole lot of new items to post this weekend. I don’t have enough daylight hours after B is home to take pictures, so although I have some items ready to post I don’t have any pictures! I’ll get it all done this weekend, though.

I will have plenty of new wool baby pants and hats to post, as well as more holiday gift bags. I’m also working on some needle felting crafts and may get one posted this weekend, too!

Next weekend we will be leaving for Oregon for a couple days to celebrate Christmas with family. We’re planning to celebrate Yule here at home on Friday and open our gifts then seems how we’ll be gone for Christmas. I like the idea of celebrating Yule, too! It’s very wintery.

If any of my readers are members… could you do me a favor? I’ve entered the holiday craft contest and I’d really appreciate your votes! The winner will get a $100 gift card to Nature’s Fabrics! How perfect is that? I’ve been really wanting to get more organic cotton into my work. You can find the contest here: MDC Annual Handmade Gift Ideas. My posts are numbers 6 and 15 (baby pants and gluten free cleansing grains). Just click the thumb’s up at the bottom of my post and hit ‘add to reputation’. Thank you!!

How about you? Any crafting going on?


Crafty : Baby/Kid Pants from Sweaters

I have a cat… two cats, actually… but one of my cats has this thing for wool. He loves to EAT it. He really goes to town.

Therefore, I have a stash of wool sweaters in my craft room with holes in them, just waiting to be turned into something!

I had the idea to use the sleeves to make pants for Bunkers. The kid is forever out of pants! I can’t do laundry fast enough to keep up with how fast he gets pants dirty.

I had several other long sleeved shirts in my ‘up-cycling’ stash as well – knit, jersey, thermal, etc… so I started with some cotton fabrics to test out how to make them. I used a pair of Bunkers’ existing pants to get a general feel for how I should be making my cuts. The overall length, crotch length, waist width, etc. Once I have the basic shape, I cut up a bunch of shirts!

You can find some good shirts for this activity at Goodwill or other thrift/charity shops. Men’s sweaters or long sleeved shirts will make for larger pants (12 months+) and women’s will make for smaller. The sweater I use in this tutorial was purchased at Goodwill for $3. And, as is often the case at thrift stores, it was already partially felted for me! 🙂

If you’re using wool (or a blend with at least 50% wool), you will probably want to felt the sweater before you make pants. I washed my sweaters on warm heat and dried them prior to making the pants. The sweater I bought had already been felted once, so it got two washings. I had already felted the other sweaters, so in total they got two washings as well. AND if you’re cloth diapering, these wool pants can double as soakers/longies!

Materials you’ll need:

Long sleeved shirt (with sleeves long enough for your baby)

3/4 inch elastic


Start by laying your baby’s current pants on the sleeve to get a feel for where you want to make your cuts. In making my pants, I gave a bit of growing room in the length. Be sure to leave seam allowance at the crotch and hem allowance at the waist. I made my waist cut a little over an inch above where I thought the waist should go.

Since my baby is cloth diapered, I tried to make the bum area nice and baggy. I didn’t make a very exaggerated crotch curve.

Once you’ve got one side cut, place it over the other sleeve (making sure the up-the-arm seams are lined up) and use it as a pattern to make your second leg.

Once you’ve got that, turn one inside out. Matching up the up-the-arm seams, place the sleeve that’s still right-side-out INSIDE the other one. You’ll now have right sides together inside.

Make sure your cuffs are lined up so your pant legs will be even.

Here’s where you’ll be sewing up the crotch.

Serge the two pieces together making a U shape. If you don’t have a serger, just use an overlock stitch on your sewing machine. If you don’t know what that is, just use a zig zag stitch. Don’t get discouraged! This isn’t hard.

Once you’ve made your first seam, pull the inside leg out.

You should now have this:

Now we’re going to make the hem. When using knit cotton or jersey fabrics I don’t bother to pin, but with the wool I pinned my hem in place. You want to do about a 1 inch hem. We’re using 3/4 inch elastic, so we want to make sure it’s going to fit.

I used this stitch on my machine to make my hem. It gives a nice finished look that stretches. If you’re not sure what you should use, do a zig zag stitch.

Stitch around your hem, but stop about two inches before you you close it up so we can get the elastic in there. To determine how long you need your elastic, either use a current pair of pants that fit your baby as a guide, or find your baby and put the elastic around his/her waist and measure what seems like a comfortable fit. Once you’ve got your measurement, add 1 inch to that and cut. Hook a safety pin at one end and use that to thread the elastic through your hem.

Once all the way around, overlap your elastic 1/2 inch and sew back and forth and back and forth using a zig zag stitch.

Tuck the elastic back in your hem and then close it up! You’re done!

Edited 12/22/2012:

Here are some pictures of my son in these pants, as requested! 🙂 We were at the zoo. *I have the cuffs rolled up – so these pants will be long enough that he can wear them next year, too!