We’ve Moved!

A lot has changed since I last wrote a personal update. We actually did something drastic and not at all what we had thought we had in store for our future – but we couldn’t be happier!

In January¬†we met with our old realtor and he said if we wanted to sell our house we needed to completely finish the remodel and get it listed ASAP. DH wanted a second opinion, so he brought in his business partner’s realtor and met with him. They hit it off really well and we decided to go with him! He’s really awesome.

Anyway, he agreed we needed to get the remodel done as soon as possible. So we made a plan with timelines and deadlines and worked hard. DH work HARD hard. So hard.

In the mean time, we were not certain what we wanted to DO after we sold our house. Our dream has been to have a mini farm. But we couldn’t find land reasonably priced in our area (one of the most expensive areas in our state¬†for land prices!). We thought maybe we would rent until we found what we wanted. But DH wasn’t comfortable with that idea – it’s essentially throwing away money every month that could be put toward a mortgage.

I don’t remember how it came up, but I suggested maybe we look into buying a condo or townhouse. It’s the absolute opposite of what we wanted – no land, close neighbors, no yard, etc… but it had the advantages of: being less expensive, yard work is taken care of for us, we can be in the location we want, equity is built really fast in our desired location, etc. So we looked more into that!

It was kind of on a whim, and kinda spur of the moment… but we decided to go that route! We toured a few condos (one of which had the vibrational energy of a mad house, eeek!) and found one we loved. And we bought it!


Our condo is so lovely. It’s the top floor unit above all the garages. That’s our balcany. The two windows on the right are the bedrooms and the two on the left are the living space. Our garage is the last on the right.

It’s a little under 1,000 square feet. Our house was 1,800 square feet. We had some major downsizing to do!

We had been working on that for years, really, as I have discussed before. But it was time to get serious about it! We sold A LOT. We made A LOT of Goodwill trips. We made several trips to the dump. We made over $2,000 selling our furniture, electronics (TVs included!), and other miscellaneous stuff. It was liberating and freeing!

So we packed and got rid of stuff and worked on the old house. We moved in March into our condo and we have loved it so much. It’s so bright and airy inside. Our old house was so dark all the time, even in the middle of summer! The remodel helped with that, but it’s nothing like our condo. It’s quiet and safe here. I can walk down the street without being afraid. I am mere minutes away from my friends, now! We get together so much more often and it has been so wonderful for me and Bunkers!

Here are some more pictures from the real estate listing:

Main living space!
Other side of the main living space.
condo entry
Entry. It’s on the second floor, so the stairs down go to the entry way and the front door.
condo kitchen2
Kitchen. Red. Why? ALL the condos we looked at had blood red kitchens. Bizarre.

It is two bedrooms and 1 bath and I couldn’t be happier with the amount of space. We have two beds in the smaller bedroom for us all to sleep and the large bedroom (master) is the office and craft room. It works out great!

Here are some pictures with our belongings:

Still a lot of organizing going on, but our furniture fits so nicely!
I love this dining space so much. So. Much. Light.
Need I say more?!
Our porch!
Looking out the front windows.

We are still working on pairing down our possessions. We currently have a storage unit with power tools, camping stuff, etc. Our garage is still full of boxes. I wonder what if any of that we still need? Obviously the camping stuff we will keep, but maybe we can sell the power tools? Rebuy them when/if we need them rather than paying rent on a storage unit just in case we do? It’s a tough call.

I feel so much motivation to continue our work downsizing, though. It’s our goal to be rid of the storage unit by fall. We really needed it in the beginning because we had to empty the old house to do the remodel and we didn’t have the condo yet. But now I want to see it gone.

My life seems to have a pattern of tossing at me things I like to call ‘everything I never knew I wanted’. I would have never seen us in a condo, especially since our dreams were facing the other direction. I felt the same about massage school. Up until six months before I started I had never, ever considered doing massage as a career. But it was perfect for me and I loved every second of massage school and my massage career. It is my goal to jump back into that in the future, but I will leave the when/how up to The Universe. Anyhow, it’s been the same with the condo. We just love it. Who knew?!

I will end it here by saying that our old house remodel was finished a month later than we had wanted. But that ended up being a blessing in disguise and the market exploded in that area and we got almost $40,000 more for our house than we had hoped we could get. And it sold in four days. A true blessing! Our realtor is amazing!