Toddler Hike

There’s a trail head near our house that is the start of a handful of trails. One is a loop of about 3 miles, one is 5 miles in and 5 miles back. One is even longer. But one off to the side is geared towards little ones and is about 1/3 of a mile in total. It has some signs that tell a story about the wildlife in the forest and is a completely flat jaunt through the woods. We walked this path (two loops!) with the little one recently and it was so nice. R walked most of it and then when he was tired asked to be carried. I think we will do this loop again some time.

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Weekend Roundup!

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It was gorgeous here this weekend and we spent almost the whole time outside! We all got a nice base tan, so hopefully we won’t have any burns this year!

Friday we went a local lake to play in the water with our friends. Saturday we went to a May Faire at the Waldorf School. Then to the first farmer’s market of the season and had lunch. We played outside in the yard that afternoon. Sunday we went to visit Mima and Papa (my parents) and they watched R while we went out to brunch. We met at a great park and everyone hung out. Today B took the day off and we went to the lake again and did some yard work.

It was a lovely weekend and I’m sad that it’s over! The weather is supposed to be nice for the next week, so plenty of outside time in our future.