Baby Topics: Cloth Diapers

This post has been in my drafts for over a year! I figured I’d spend just a few minutes and finish it up to share my thoughts!

I have had about a dozen people ask me about cloth diapers and every time I am so happy to share our experience; but that means I’ve basically typed up this post about… a dozen times!

I thought I’d just type up a post about cloth diapers and then when someone asks, I can simply give them a link to this post – which will invariably have MUCH more information than me just typing something up really quickly in reply to them.

So, we chose to cloth diaper for many reasons, but they are (in order of importance to me):

  1. Much lower chemical exposure to baby than disposables. That is why we chose organic cotton prefolds (more on this later).
  2. Environmental impact: (1) Less energy and resources in making cloth diapers (generally a 1 time purchase for use from newborn to potty learned) than disposables and (2) less waste generated in using cloth diapers than buying disposables every week.
  3. Ease of use. Not that disposables aren’t easy and cloth diapers are easier.¬†Not at all – but cloth diapers aren’t hard; they are quite easy to use and clean and that was a plus for me.

When I was pregnant (all 7 months!) I researched the heck out of cloth diapers. I wanted to be frugal, and I wanted to use prefolds and that was all I knew when I started out. I ultimately chose to buy Bummis covers and prefolds, both from people selling them used on Craigslist. I bought ¬†Bummis Super Whisper Wraps from this super nice lady who had like six kids. She was knitting and they were all playing in the yard when I pulled up. “Oh, it’s going to be so much fun to be a mom!” I thought. From another woman I bought prefolds (she said they were organic, so hopefully they were). I had sizes newborn through medium all set! I was on the search for larger sizes and ended up buying a whole set of prefolds and Dappi diaper covers from another mom. Don’t do Dappi. Just don’t. They were¬†awful. ¬†The prefolds were useless, too… they were made with the type of cotton you might make a¬†bed sheet¬†from. No¬†absorbency, ¬†no quilting, nothing. I used neither of these things!

Anyway, when my little one ended up coming quite early, I knew I was going to have to buy MORE diapers, but being on hospital bedrest and then in the NICU for almost a month, I was in no place to scour Craigslist looking for diapers for my little preemie. I really like Bummis for their ethics, so I opted to get more of those. It so happens, too, that Bummis makes one of the smallest covers on the market Рthe newborn size Super Brite. It can fit babies from 4-9 pounds! And once our little one came home from the NICU he was about 6 pounds and they fit him great. He wore them until he was 9 pounds on the dot and then *POOF* they were too small.

So, before I get into all the things I bought – let me say this:

Don’t buy a full set of just one thing. Don’t buy 36 AIOs (all in ones) from the same brand and call it good. What if you hate them? What if they don’t fit *your* baby right? Sure, you can sell them, but you’ll still lose some money. Buy ONE of a few different brands of AIOs if that’s what you want. Buy a couple pockets if they interest you. Buy a couple different prefolds if that’s the route you want to take. Buy a few different brands of covers for them (either one size or newborn size). ¬†Or whatever you want to try. Try them out on your newborn and see how you like them. I read advice like this and I didn’t listen; but I was pretty convinced I wanted to do prefolds and covers, and luckily I did end up liking them. However, what if I had not been happy with prefolds and then I’d be stuck with a whole bunch of them until I bought something else and sold those. Just something to keep in mind. You can re-sell your diapers; I have had luck on Craigslist or the Trading Post.

We did end up trying several different types of diapers (we tried AIOs and pockets in addition to prefolds and covers) but we ultimately ended up using prefolds and covers and I loved them. If we ever have another baby we will do prefolds (or flats) and covers again. So, because I don’t have a lot of experience with AIOs and pockets and because I prefer prefolds and covers for the following reasons:

  1. Easy to use. Some would argue this, but I found them incredibly easy to put on both a newborn and a toddler. Velcro is easier than snaps, but by 8 months my son figured out how to rip the velcro open and take his diaper off! We switched to snaps at that time.
  2. Easy to wash. AIOs tend to be hard to get clean and take a long time to dry. You need to pull dirty inserts out of pockets. With most covers you can hang them to dry if they didn’t get dirty and re-use them (until either they get soiled or it’s the next wash day, whatever comes first).
  3. A natural fiber is touching baby’s skin. Most AIOs (not all!) and pockets have fleece touching baby’s skin and fleece is made entirely from plastic. Yes, you can get microfiber or fleece type inserts for covers, but for the most part covers are used with prefolds and flats and those tend to be cotton or hemp. I chose organic cotton because that is better both for the environment and for baby.
  4. Cheaper. AIOs and even pockets are much more expensive than prefolds or flats and covers.
  5. Durable. Prefolds and flats wash and wear much better than AIOs and pockets. And if one tears for some reason, it’s easily replaced for just a few dollars. If an AIO tears you’ll need to repair it or replace it for upwards of $15-30.

Ultimately, we used/tried:

Anything I bought new was either from Amazon (get an Amazon rewards visa and use it for your regular grocery and gas purchases and you’ll be able to get a lot for free! But pay it off every month, please!) or Nicki’s Diapers. Nicki’s is a great company and they offer competitive prices and free shipping on most diapers.

Our experience and if I had it to do all over again:

I would use flats instead of prefolds. Flats get cleaner and dry faster. We had some stink issues with our prefolds and it was this (paired with Bunkers only wetting one or two diapers in a 24 hour period by 15 months – he was using the potty pretty well by then) that made us stop using cloth. I would only have four or five diapers in the pail after 48 hours and cloth diapers shouldn’t really sit any longer than that. It felt like a waste and a strain on water resources to wash that small of a load. So we switched to disposable diapers at that point. I felt bad about it, but we were only using 1 or 2 a day. After a while we switched to pull up style disposable diapers and then when Bunkers was about 22 months old I bought some cloth training pants. The week after his 2nd birthday he was not having any accidents anymore! And he’s been fully committed to using the potty since then.¬†We used a couple different training pants and I really prefered the Imse Vimse organic cotton ones. They held in one pee very well.

Also if I had it to do over again, I would just stick with Bummis for the newborn stage up until they are sitting up and I would use velcro. Velcro is so easy to put on and when it’s the fifth diaper change of the night at 3am you really don’t want to try and do four (or more!) snaps. You just don’t. Thirsties offer velcro and we used those when Bunkers outgrew the newborn Bummis at about 4 months until about 12 months when we couldn’t keep the velcro ones on him anymore (trick: keep a onesie on them. It was a super hot summer, so that didn’t work for us and we were doing EC and needed quick access).

Once baby is ready to sit up, I feel like velcro is a bit of a hinderance. It’s stiff and kinda bulky and doesn’t bend well. And a lot of babies will figure out how to undo velcro around this time!

Once Bunkers outgrew the Bummis diapers I had bought on Craigslist and online and was ripping open the velcro on the Thirsties, I switched to snaps. I ended up buying Flip diaper covers by BumGenius and I am very glad I did! They have two snaps on each flap and an adjustable rise. We never once had a leak or blowout with these diapers and if there is a next time I will probably use these over the Thirsties.

See how the velcro seems to make it hard for him to sit straight?!

Here’s what my stash would look like if I were expecting another baby:

For the newborn size (4-8 weeks)

For the infant size (2-8 months-ish)

For the older infant/young toddler size (10 months to potty learned)

  • Flip Diaper Covers – 6 total
  • Organic Birdseye Flats¬†– 36-48 total (Might need more by this age to double up for nighttime)
  • Snappi¬†(we were not using a snappi anymore, just doing a newspaper fold, but some people find them still helpful at this stage!)

Also, for all stages:

  • Diaper pail (I don’t recommend the one I used, so research to find one that works well with cloth diapers and cloth diaper pail bags)
  • Diaper pail bags (Get two so that you have one to put in the pail when the other gets taken to the wash)
  • Wet bags for in the diaper bag

For diaper pail bags and wet bags I wholeheartedly recommend Planet Wise! They are available on Nicki’s Diapers or Amazon for amazing prices. We still use them for our family cloth in the bathroom!

That all looks so nice and simple, huh?! And it is, and that’s what I like about it.

Did you cloth diaper? What kinds did you use?


Making Herbal Things!

Bunkers and I have been making some herbal things! He’s been enjoying helping me in the kitchen and I have been enjoying not only feeling productive but also learning more about herbs!

I have been studying and using herbs for over five years and I still feel like such a novice. It’s my goal for the second half of this year to really study and learn and retain¬†things. Part of that for me is to MAKE. If I make something I am more likely to use it and remember what it is for!

67028_10151608303152644_1745350433_nI made some tinctures for the first time last¬†year and those were so easy! I wish I had¬†started making those earlier. I was freaked out by it, though. David Hoffman’s excellent book¬†really spells everything out, though, and with his book I felt confident¬†in making them myself.

So, yesterday we made up some calendula oil to steep and today we made some herbal lozenges! I followed this basically:


I really enjoy John’s videos! I have been watching them for about five years, too, and he and his family make some very easy to follow recipes for herbal medicinals. You can find more videos by him here and here. And other fabulous people, too! Like one of my absolute favs, Rosemary Gladstar!

Next up I really want to make some plantain slave! Mommypotamus has a great recipe and tutorial here. I am usually prone to bug bites so I want to see how well it works. I have been using doTerra’s TerraShield blend as a bug spray and it works fabulously! I haven’t had a bite yet this year when I have used it!¬†

Bunkers helping to make the herbal lozenges.

I have also been researching several different burn cream recipes and that is my next venture once the calendula oil has steeped enough. I want to have that on hand for sun burns and minor burns. I’m taking bits and bobs from all the recipes I have found online and want to make up my own recipe with all the information.¬†

I would love to have an herbal ‘first aid kit’ of sorts established by the end of this year. So often the herbal remedy for any given thing requires several weeks prep (steeping in oil or tincutre form, for example) and so having it all ready would be fabulous!

Anyone making anything herbal? 

Brightest blessings,


The Perfect Parent


I visited with my aunt today and the subject invariably landed on parenting. I told her, “I’m certainly not a perfect parent; I have yet a lot to learn and I do plenty of things I’m not okay with: I’ve yelled. I’ve stormed off. I’ve rolled my eyes.” And she said, “You don’t need to be a perfect parent. Bunkers doesn’t want a perfect parent – he wants you. If he grew up thinking you were a perfect parent and a perfect person he would feel bad about himself when he couldn’t be perfect, too. And no one is perfect. When you do those things you’re not okay with, do you come to him and say you’re sorry and that you’ll you might do it again, but you’re trying not to?”

Honestly, not always. I so often get stuck in the “But what about ME? Who cares about ME? What about MY feelings?” The truth of the matter is that *I* need to be the one taking care of that. *I* can care about me. *I* can care about my feelings. As a mother I need to model the behaviors I wish to see in Bunkers. And while I am fine with him seeing me upset, crying, frustrated, etc – I want to be able to model appropriate reactions to those feelings. And yelling, storming off and rolling my eyes are not things I want to do. They are not desirable traits in a toddler and certainly not in an adult.

It’s something I have been working on for … well, since Bunkers was born, really, and I feel like right now¬†is just the most critical time for modeling behavior. Really, from 1 year old on…

I am going to give myself some grace and try to allow myself to not be ¬†a perfect parent. I’ll never be perfect in any area of my life and that’s really okay. No one likes a perfect person, really.

Another thing my aunt said that I really liked was, “Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.” Essentially, don’t compare how you feel¬†to how you perceive others to be. You don’t know how they feel inside. Powerful!

Toddler Hike

There’s a trail head near our house that is the start of a handful of trails. One is a loop of about 3 miles, one is 5 miles in and 5 miles back. One is even longer. But one off to the side is geared towards little ones and is about 1/3 of a mile in total. It has some signs that tell a story about the wildlife in the forest and is a completely flat jaunt through the woods. We walked this path (two loops!) with the little one recently and it was so nice. R walked most of it and then when he was tired asked to be carried. I think we will do this loop again some time.

WP_20130428_001 WP_20130428_014 WP_20130428_016 WP_20130428_003 WP_20130428_009 WP_20130428_006 WP_20130428_019 WP_20130428_022 WP_20130428_023 WP_20130428_005 WP_20130428_033 and we had a lovely time!

Yarn Along


I’m joining Ginny today for the first time in a while! I have finally had some more time to knit (and if I’m totally honest here¬†that is thanks to my recent backing out of most social media) and so here I am with some projects to share!

I made a set of these baby booties earlier this year for another friend and has a request to a pair of them to be made for another friend’s baby… and then she found out she was having twins! So I’ve got two sets of these booties to make and I am also making a pair of hats to go with. This mama lives in Alaska, after all!

I sewed myself a new project bag, too. I have been using a smaller one for about two years, now, but I decided I needed a bigger bag for both sweater making and for projects like this – ones with many balls and pieces. Keep it all together! I followed this tutorial: Simple Drawstring Bag.

Notice baby 'Harry Potter' wand on the floor. Haha!
Notice baby ‘Harry Potter’ wand on the floor. Haha!
Drawstring function.
Drawstring function.
All inside!
All inside!

Beautiful Moments

Rockin' out at Whole Foods!
Rockin’ out at Whole Foods!













The other day, Bunkers and I went to the store and got fixings for a picnic. We picked DH up from work, sat in traffic for an hour and finally landed at the most wonderful park and had our picnic dinner. We’ve been to this park before, but Bunkers wasn’t even crawling at that point, so we hadn’t checked it out much. It’s so wonderful!

We set out our picnic and had a fun lunch. We don’t normally have things like chips (in fact, I’m not sure Bunkers had ever had chips before then!) so it was a fun treat. He liked them. And the strawberries, of course. We washed it down with kefir¬†and made some sandwiches with spelt bread. We don’t normally have bread, either, but I really wanted sandwiches for our picnic. Bunkers didn’t really like it; he just ate the cheese and meat.

After dinner we wandered over and checked out the ducks on the small lake. They were happy to have a few slices of our bread! Bunkers just loved tossing them pieces. There were some really pretty ducks!

Once we were out of bread to toss we packed up the picnic. I took the stuff back to the car and DH and Bunkers walked around the lake. We met back up and the three of us held hands and hiked along the forest trails around the park. It was so peaceful and refreshing. It felt SO good. Such a recharge. I made the comment that it was moments like these that made the troubles of his first year feel worth it. I feel like those moments are coming so much more often, now.

Bunkers found a nice stick and was having a blast whacking unsuspecting ferns and leaves.

We stayed almost two hours soaking up the sun and enjoying being outside together. I’d like to make this a weekly tradition (at least)!

Another lovely park day…









Park days just don’t get old. We’ve been going a lot the last few weeks; there’s just so much more space to run around and so much to explore! This is our new favorite park; there’s even a small lake! I don’t think you can swim there, though.

But there’s a great big tennis court to throw the ball around, some park toys to play on, a stage to dance on and lots of fields to pick flowers in!

We had a lovely time playing in the sun. Bunkers was very tired by the end and I had to carry him (nursing!) back to the car where he promptly fell asleep on the way home. So sweet.